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Return & Refund

The refundable:
1. Any order can be withdrawn within 24 hours since it was made, and are fully refundable. Any refund claim made after 24 hours since an order was made and before shipment is initiated is half refundable. Any refund claim made after the shipment of the product is not acceptable. (The time of issuing withdrawal is the time when an e-mail or call in this regard is received by us)
2. If coupon is used and refund claim is made out of the reason mentioned above, then the value refunded excludes the value of coupon.
Not refundable:
Not refundable:
1.      Any refund or change claim made just out of subjective reasons such as changing mind suddenly or just simply wanting to try it on will be not acceptable.
2.      Any refunded or changed products should not be unpacked, washed, tried on, and its package should be in good condition for sale. If the product is used and damaged, any return requirement is not acceptable.
3.  If there will be color difference between the product on picture and the real one, as we have mentioned above that it may caused by the affecting of computer display and whether, refund claim out of the subtle color difference will be not accepted.
4.  We could revise or redo our product if its quality is poor, and refund claim will be accepted in special cases. In order to avoid occurrence the situation mentioned above, please provide us with accurate information on sizes of product.
5. We are exempt to the losses arisen from delay of payment by client or delay in placing order by the express company.Thebluesboutique Co.,Ltd and its staff shall try their best to make your shopping online a happy journey. If there is anything on this return policy that make you confused, please feel free to contact us via email to
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